Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Só sabemos que o J.J. Abrams está envolvido nisto, seja lá o isto for (dizem que se chama Cloverfield).

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Trailer - Apple

Snif snif, obrigado Sr. Romero!!

Hi, guys,

Lemme tell ya about Diary of the Dead. I love it. It’s the first film since my original Night of the Living Dead that I can say is completely my own.

I’ve been trying to work under-the-radar, with no hype or press, but lately I've started hearing all kinds of shit about “What’s goin' on with Romero?” “What’s with his new film?”

Gimme a break over here! I'm up in Toronto workin' my ass off, making Diary the best it can be. Truth is, I'm having a blast. I've gone home to the kind of filmmaking that I used to do, back in the day.

Diary is a hundred percent independent, made with my partner, Peter Grunwald, and our new friends at Artfire. I haven't had this much freedom since 1968. The cast, of what film critics will probably call “unknowns” (they won’t be for long) is, in my opinion, fuckin' great.

This one comes from my heart. It's not a sequel or a remake. It's a whole new beginning for the dead.

Thanks to all of you who are out there waiting and wondering. You guys, the fans, have always kept me going. Now Diary's keeping me going, night, dawn, and day.

I love this movie. I hope you will, too. I'll be back here from time to time to keep you posted. Stay tuned.

Stay scared.

George A. Romero

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Monday, May 21, 2007

John Rambo

E cá temos Sylvester Stallone com o seu John Rambo.


Meninos e meninas, Zack Snyder tem estado a trabalhar no filme Watchmen, a adaptação dessa fabulosa BD, do louco Alan Moore.

Pelos vistos não é só isso que o tem ocupado, algo com o nome de Army Of The Dead (hum tenho curiosidade em descobrir mais material sobre este filme...) está a ser planeado.

Então não é que o malandro do Zach escondeu num dos trailers do fabuloso 300 esta imagem?

Parece algo tirado do Fight Club...

Ora para quem conhece a BD é extremamente fácil reconhecer a cena.

O Rorschach (ele e o Wolverine são os meus "heróis" preferidos) acabou de descobrir o smiley do Comediante.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Fido, uma comédia negra sobre zombies.

Good dead are hard to find

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